Our Eyes Are Very Delicate Organs And Must Therefore Be Treated With Utmost Care.

For instance, the placement of the eyes makes it possible for doctors to see bare veins, nerves, and arteries without any surgical procedure or using medical equipment, like scanners and cameras. Rubbing the eye vigorously could also cause this condition. Sometimes, factors like forceful sneezing and coughing can cause the small blood vessels located underneath the conjunctiva to burst, which can result in haemorrhage. Our eyes are very delicate organs and must therefore be treated with utmost care. Apart from these, overuse of contact lenses, corneal ulcers, and infections of the cornea can be some other factors that can cause eye redness. Eye irritation can be a really frustrating problem. Usually, it appears after you have accidentally injured your eyes. Although, the problem is not very serious, if the symptoms persist for longer duration, or if it causes a lot of inconvenience, you may have to consult a medical professional to initiate further treatment. In rare cases, there can be pain and mild irritation.

subconjunctival hemorrhage

In such cases, both the eyes may develop the condition. In general, it is a minor problem that can subside on its own. An ophthalmologist usually carries out several diagnostic tests to ascertain the underlying cause. As we have observed, red eyes are mostly developed due to fatigue, allergens and exposure to other environmental factors.